04/18/2016- Baptism!

So I baptized Gabriel this past week!  He was my investigator in Sucre!!  Awesome opportunity!!:)




Hey guys!!

I hope that all of you are doing well!  I am still out here in Bolivia!:)  As you know I am the Secretary to the President now and so I am in the office for a big part of the day.  I have to make sure that I buy everyone´s flights to and from the mission and inside of Bolivia as well.  And I am in charge of whatever task that President Hansen (my mission President) gives me.  The part that I love most about this assignment is that I can help the people that are coming to the mission feel welcome in the mission.  Because I am one of the first faces they see when they arrive here in the airport.  I am also the last face that the people see as they go back to their homes.

I feel as though we always want to feel that everything is going to be ok when we arrive somewhere.  I remember when I got here I felt a little overwhelmed.  Firstly I didn´t speak Spanish.  We arrived in the airport and they immediately sent us out to get started on doing a papers to become legal here in Bolivia.  I entered a taxi with 4 other missionaries and we immediately realized, “We don´t have a Spanish speaking missionary in this car!”  Luckily Elder Robertson (one of my friends in the mission) entered the car and started to speak perfect Spanish to the driver.  I remember a peace filled my mind as I realized that we would be “ok”.

I know how those missionaries feel as they come to the mission field because I was there just yesterday. 🙂  So I am trying to do my best to welcome them here with love, happiness, and peace by helping them know that everything is “ok”.

Something totally awesome!!!  So one of the people that I was teaching in Sucre called me yesterday and told me that he will be baptized on Saturday!!!  His name is Gabriel!  I talked about him quite a bit earlier on in my mission.  He is the guy that I was teaching how to play the guitar.  He was very interested in our message and then he moved to Cochabamba.  I remember the first time when I knocked on his door and felt, “this guy will be baptized.”  And when he left for Cochabamba I felt sad.  I felt like he would be baptized but he wasn´t.  But now he is going to be baptized!!  And those feelings that I felt are coming true in God´s time frame.  He asked me if I would be able to go to his baptism.  I have to get permission from President Hansen.  But as his secretary that shouldn´t be too hard. 🙂

So yeah I am doing well here.  This change to being a secretary is a little crazy but I know everything will be ok.

Just remember when you have a hard day or something doesn´t go your way everything will be OK 🙂

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!


Elder Warr



Hey everyone!  So we are into spring now!  Nothing has changed for me since summer.  But for most of you I guess that you passed through some serious snow?!  Sorry! 🙂

So as I said I am now the secretary to the President of my mission.  We have about 200 missionaries in my mission and I am in charge of making sure that things go smoothly for them.  I am in charge of all travel by plane in the mission.  To get to the mission, within the mission, and to leave the mission.  I am in charge of setting up interviews for the President with all of the missionaries.  Really anything that is urgent and the President needs it I am in charge of it.  I am in constant contact with President Hansen and Sister Hansen.  It is a great learning experience for me and I hope that other missionaries will be able to learn from my example.  I went from being a junior companion with only 7 months in the mission to being the Secretary to the President.  That is a big change in Responsibility.  But I am ready for it!

I really liked the words of one of the General Authorities and our Church General Conference this weekend.  His name is Elder Stephen W. Owen.  He said, “Jesus Christ was the best leader and he was also the best follower.”  He went on to explain that Jesus Christ was our perfect example of a leader but also of a follower because he showed us how to be perfectly obedient unto God.  Something that I am focusing on is being the Best Leader by being the Best Follower.  I am striving to lead by my example in how well I am able to follow the mission rules and be exactly obedient.  And my hope is that they will follow my example for them and strive to be more obedient.

So as the secretary to the President I need to speak in all of the Leadership meetings that are held every month and talk to all of them about the things that I need and congratulate them on the good things that they have done in their zones.  All of them are zone leaders and have at least one year in the mission.  I only have 7 months hahaha!  But I got up to give my presentation to them and I went to introduce myself and I said, “Hello I am Elder Warr.  I am the (I intended to say Secretary to the President but I said something else on accident.)  I am the President and everyone started busting up laughing including President Hansen and I was laughing as well. 🙂  It started it off on a good not hahaha! 🙂

So yeah everything is going well here in the mission!  I am very happy and I am anxiously engaged to help President Hansen and this mission as a whole! 🙂

Thank you for your support!

Remember two things:

1) Do things under others that would make them happy.

2) God loves you with all of his heart, might, mind, and strength!

I love you all!! 🙂


Have a great week!!!

Elder Warr


Hey guys!  SO I am in a new part of my mission now.  After 6 months of having been in Sucre I am now in Cochabamba the center of my mission.  And I am the secretary to the President of my mission.  He called me up the other day and said that he would love if I could be his secretary so I will be working in a 14 story office building most of the day.  I am using my personal computer right now. This is crazy!!!  I am in charge of sooo many things.  Flight plans, hotel plans, transfers, etc.  Really anything that the President really needs done I am in charge of it!  I will still be able to go out and work from 6-9 at night.  I am learning so many things about leadership.  I represent President Hansen to all of the mission because I am his personal secretary.  So I have a ton to learn!!  I am in charge of welcoming new missionaries and sending new ones home!  It is crazy I remember when I first got here and the secretaries welcomed me here and I thought they were soo cool and sooo good at Spanish. Now I have to be that example for others.  I´m super excited!!! 🙂

I hope that everything is going great for all of you!!  I love you all!  I´ll let you know how this first week as a secretary goes! 🙂

Elder Warr


Hey everyone!!:)

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote all of you!  I hope that everything is going so well for you!!  I am having a lot of great experiences out here!  One person that I am visiting with is named Favio Cerna.  In our first visit with him there was a fly that kept flying around him and at one point he tried to catch it in his hand.  I thought that he did and I yelled,”Miagi” (The trainer in Karate Kid that catches a fly with his hand)  So now everytime that we see him or we talk on the phone or we say goodbye we always say Miagi hahaha!  He is awesome!!:)
The other day we were walking down the street and a woman called over to us and said, “Hey come here!”  We thought that she might have been talking to someon else.  But when we got closer she said that her son is a member of the church and that her sister was sick and would like to visit with us.  So we asked what was the problem and she said that she had just received a surgery.  So we asked if we could visit her for just a second so that we could give her a blessing of health.  She said yes.  So we entered and talked to the ladie, her name is Noemi.  We asked her who she would like to offer the blessing and she pointed to me.  So I was able to bless her.  Afterward she was crying and I was teary eyed as well.  We planned to visit her again and throughout the week I was thinking about what we could say to help her.  I happened to be reading in 3 Nephi when Christ visited America.  I read about when he was leaving and he could see that the people wanted him to stay longer and his first thought was to heal the sick.  Christ loves us and knows our pain and wants to heal us.  But we have to come to him.  If we have a sickness physically, mentally, emotionally, or spritually we can come unto him and he will heal our broken heart.
(These scriptures are found in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi chapter 17 verses 6, 7, 9.
6 Behold, my bowels are filled with compassion towards you.
 Have ye any that are sick among you? Bring them hither. Have ye any that are lame, or blind, or halt, or maimed, or leprous, or that are withered, or that are deaf, or that are afflicted in any manner? Bring them hither and I will heal them, for I have compassion upon you; my bowels are filled with mercy.
And it came to pass that when he had thus spoken, all the multitude, with one accord, did go forth with their sick and their afflicted, and their lame, and with their blind, and with their dumb, and with all them that were afflicted in any manner; and he did heal them every one as they were brought forth unto him.
As a representative of Christ and as a friend for all of you I would like to invite you to come unto Christ!  Because he loves you and is filled with mercy.  If you are sad or afflicted for any reason I would invite you to search out Christ and he will heal you!
I love you all!!  Thank you so much for your support!!  It is hard to be so far from home.  But it is nice to know that you are all still there!  Good luck in this next week!  I love you!!:)
Elder Warr


So this was another great week!!  We were able to see the hand of God in our lives again this week as we had our second baptism!  We were able to baptize an 8-year-old kid named Jonathan Aguilar.  Neither of his parents are members but his 3 older sisters are members and have been bringing him to church every week.  It was really cool we went in to see just how much he remembered from what we had taught him and he knew everything from the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ to tithing.  I was very proud of him.  My companion baptized him and I gave a talk on the importance of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  He was pretty nervous to be seen in front of everyone but it ended up going really well!!

After he was baptized and exited the water his nose started to bleed a lot.  We hurried him into the bathroom and helped him to stop the bleeding and then he gave us both a big hug 🙂

I love to be able to be guided by the lord to those people that are ready to receive the restored gospel in their lives.  I pray and study for his guidance every day.  I know that the people are out there and that I need to do all that I can to find them.  One thing that I love to do out here that I loved to do before the mission is, talk to everybody.  We have found hundreds of people just by doing that simple thing.  And I know that I can credit a lot of the guidance that I have received to my efforts to talk to everyone, and listen to the spirit to know what to say to them.

I would advise anyone out there missionary, or student, father, or son to do that simple thing.  Talk to everyone.  You never know whose life you will be able to touch if you do that:)

I also want you all to remember that God loves you and that you are a part of his eternal family.  And as a part of this family he wants you to communicate with him daily.  I invite each of you to speak to him daily through your prayers.  Ask him for help (and I promise you will receive it) and thank him for the things that you have been given(because god his generous with his blessings to those that recognize what they have):)

Thank you all for leading the lives that you are.  I love you.

Elder Warr



Hey everyone!!

So wow this was a great week!!  I had my first Baptism!!!  The lady that I baptized is named Faviola!  We have met with her for about three and a half months.  I  started to teach her with Elder Reina and we just baptized her with Elder Leon!  The day of the baptism we went around to a lot of the members of the ward and invited them to come to the baptism.  We also invited a lot of the people that we are visiting now to come to the baptism.  We planned the baptism for Saturday at 7 p.m.  But when 7 came Faviola wasn’t in the church and only one member with her son was there.  I called her and she said that she would be there at 7:15.  So we waited and she showed up at 7:30 and also some of the other members including the bishop and our ward mission leader.

If any of you have never been to an LDS baptism, it is more than just the baptism.  We also had a few talks from people where they shared why we are baptized and also about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We sang a few hymns and then we had the baptism.  I had the opportunity to baptize her.  We entered the font and I explained to her how to old onto my arm and how we would do the baptism.  I started to pray and I offered the prayer and she went under the water.  When she came up out of the water she had a big smile on her face and asked, “Was that it?”  I smiled at her and said yes!:)  We exited the water and I realized that I forgot my towel!!  I had to change in the bathroom of the church and they don’t have any towels there.  So my only option was to use one of my two white dress shirts that I had hahaha! As I was drying off in the stall my companion ran in and said, “Hey man I have this that you can use to dry off!” (As he handed me this filthy rag that the janitors of the church use to mop the floors) hahaha, I didn’t use it! Don’t worry!;)

When we were changed we ate some refreshments that Elder Leon and I prepared.  I told Faviola’s 8-year-old son to go and hug his mom.  He went over to her with a big smile on his face and gave her a big hug.  He said, “I am so happy for you mommy!:)”  That was really cool!!

The next day in church on Sunday Faviola received the gift of Holy Ghost and was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!! 😀  She later told me that when the bishop offered the prayer she felt something very different.  She felt the spirit!!:)

So we are helping a lot of people here!  We are hoping that we will be able to bring more happiness like this to other people her!  I love being an instrument in the hands of God!!  I love being a missionary!!!

Love you all!!!:)  Remember that God loves you as well!!

Elder Warr


So here in Sucre and all of Bolivia they are celebrating right now.  The name of this celebration is Carnival.  And during the carnival the people just soak each other with water.  Water balloons, water guns, big buckets of water haha!  We were walking down the street as a zone a couple of hours ago for P-day and we got attacked by a huge group of people with all sorts of water soaking things.  We were near a lady that was selling water balloons and so we bought some and we threw water balloons at the people.  There were about 50 of them that were following this big band.  That’s how it is here.  They just follow these bands and throw water balloons like crazy.  So as were going a long, another group came up and started fighting us.  They were all white people.  We fought for a few minutes.  Which was really fun.  And then I went up with another Elder and we asked if we could take a picture with them.  It turned out that they were all of Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and parts of the United States.  Super Cool!!